Title: Christmas haikus
Pairings: various
Rating: G
Notes: For bandom_calendar. ♥

Once upon a time
Brendon bought a candy cane
And gave it to Jon

Patrick got a gift
Opened it on Christmas morn
Argyle socks from Pete

Jon got a puppy
In Chicago, Illinois
Marley’s first Christmas

Panic reminds you
That we must reinvent love
This Christmas season

Happy Holidays
From My Chemical Romance
Pumpkin fuckin’ spice!

Gabe and William spent
the holidays together
And then they had sex.

Sean and Ryan J
Fall asleep on the couch while
Watching Christmas films

Alex tells Greta
That he loves her while he stands
Under mistletoe

Snow in Las Vegas
Ryan, Brendon, and Spencer
Each build a snowman

Permanent jet lag
Brendon snuggles with Spencer
And sleeps by the fire

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