Title: long winter's nap
Pairings: Pete/Patrick
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1180
Summary: Ashlee goes out for the day to let Patrick and Pete have some time together.
Disclaimer: I admit it! I made it up! Also: Don't google yourself.
Notes: For schneestern at Christmas. ♥

It was actually Ashlee’s idea. As long as they would take care of Bronx, she said, she’d give them the day to themselves. Pete’s not exactly sure what he did to deserve a wife as awesome as Ashlee, but he’s not complaining.

And so here he is. Ashlee has been gone for half an hour and he still doesn’t have a Patrick. Also he could really use a nap.

He flips open his phone, but before he can get past the where in where the fuck are you, his Sidekick vibrates with a message from Patrick. finally in a cab be there soon.

Pete sighs in relief. took yu long enuf asshole i hope you brougt food

plenty for bx none for you


brought that too

for me or fr bx?

funny. im outside

Pete scrambles off the couch and looks out the window. “Uncle Patrick’s here!” he tells Bronx excitedly. Bronx blinks up at him, unimpressed. “He brought food?” Pete tries, reaching down and holding his finger out. Bronx curls his hand around Pete’s finger. He hears Patrick’s key in the door and then feels a burst of cold air that quickly goes away. “Look at how tiny his fist is,” he mumbles, mostly to himself.

Patrick walks up behind him and rests a hand on his back. “He’s already making fists at you?” Patrick asks.

Pete twists around to face Patrick, a giant smile on his face. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Patrick laughs, leaning in to press his lips to Pete’s.

Pete studies him for a second before frowning at him. “You said there was food.”


Several hours later, Pete wakes up to the sound of Patrick singing softly to Bronx. Despite how much he wants to stay on the couch and go back to sleep, he picks himself up and goes to Patrick. He wraps his arms around him and kisses the back of his neck as he finishes the lullaby. Bronx makes a quiet, happy noise and his eyes slide closed.

“You have the magic touch,” Pete breathes into Patrick’s ear.

Patrick smiles and ducks his head. “Come on,” he whispers. “Upstairs.”

Pete follows him quietly, but as soon as the door is shut, he stretches and yawns loudly.

Patrick just laughs at him. “You’re obnoxious. Did you have a good nap?”

“Nn,” Pete responds, crawling onto the bed. “I could use another,” he hints, patting the bed next to him.

Patrick rolls his eyes, but climbs onto the bed from the other side. “One of us has to stay awake in case Bronx wakes up,” he points out as Pete piles on top of him.

“Then you need to keep me awake,” Pete insists.

“You can go back to sleep. I’ll stay up,” Patrick says.

Or... you could keep me awake.”

Patrick stares back at him for a few seconds, before suddenly flipping Pete onto his back. He swallows Pete’s gasp easily and then, after he recovers, Pete kisses back enthusiastically. Pete makes needy noises and tries to wrap his legs around Patrick, but Patrick pulls back.

“What are you doing?” Pete whines.

“Keeping you awake,” Patrick says.

Pete waits as patiently as he can manage as Patrick hurries downstairs. He wonders faintly if Patrick would mind if he started without him, but then discovers he’s too tired to bother. Patrick will take care of him.

Pete isn’t exactly sure what he was expecting Patrick to come back with, but it wasn’t a laptop. Patrick scoots close on the bed, opening the laptop cover and waiting for it to load.

Pete stares at him. “Maybe I confused you. By ‘keep me awake,’ I really meant ‘have your way with me while I’m still awake enough to enjoy it.’”

“I’m not having sex with you with your baby downstairs,” Patrick answers without looking away from the screen.

Pete makes a dissatisfied noise and paws at Patrick’s chest. “Can’t you at least blow me? We can close the door.”

“Here,” Patrick says, moving the computer to Pete’s lap. “Watch this.”

Oh please, as if YouTube would have the ability to—“Ooh, kitties!”


Several minutes later – Pete’s not exactly sure how long it’s been – Patrick’s Sidekick goes off, and then he gets up from the bed.

“Where are you going?” Pete asks as he clicks another related video link.

“To check on Bronx,” Patrick says.

Pete waves him off. “He always starts crying when he wakes up from his nap. We would’ve heard it on the baby thingy.” But Patrick goes downstairs anyway. Pete shrugs and watches another video. There’s a lot of cool shit on YouTube.

He only knows when Patrick comes back because the laptop closes in front of him with a quick click. “Aww, come on, that one was really funny.”

But his protests die pretty quickly when Patrick climbs on top of him. His shirt is gone before he can think and then he just barely gasps out, “What changed?” as Patrick kisses down his chest. His hips lift off the bed of their own accord and his dick responds instantly when Patrick pushes him back down onto the mattress.

“Your wife told me that if you didn’t get laid by the time she got home, she would kick my ass.”

God,” Pete says, though whether it’s in response to Patrick’s statement or that thing he’s doing with his tongue, he can’t say. “I love her.” Patrick pauses, looking up at Pete with hooded eyes. “I love you,” Pete adds, in case there was any confusion.

“Good,” Patrick says as he works on Pete’s zipper. “I know it’s hard for you,” (Pete snorts, but Patrick ignores him) “but try not to make too much noise.” And then he takes Pete into his mouth.

Nnnngh,” Pete grunts, grabbing onto Patrick’s hands, which are holding his hips down. “You ask so much of me.” Then Patrick does something impossible with his tongue and Pete makes a noise at the back of his throat that he tries to keep as quiet as he can. It’s possibly the biggest challenge he’s ever faced.

After, Pete curls around Patrick and jerks him off with his face buried in Patrick’s shoulder.

“You must be tired,” Patrick says once he comes back from cleaning up. “You usually want to watch everything.”

“Mm, yeah,” Pete mumbles into the pillow. The bed dips beside him and soon Patrick is licking into his mouth. Pete smiles at him as he pulls away. “I can’t believe you keep that hat on even when you’re sucking me off.”

“Shut up,” Patrick says, punching him in the arm.

“Aww, you’re blushing, how cute,” Pete says, leaning forward to kiss him again.

“I never should’ve listened to Ashlee,” Patrick grumbles. “Now you’re going to be insatiable.”

“Insatiable fools kneeling at the altar of you,” Pete mumbles.

Patrick looks down at him. “I like that.”

“I’ll write it down if you’ll kiss me.”

Patrick sighs, as if this is a burden, but Pete knows better.

They manage to fall asleep for approximately five minutes before Bronx wakes up and starts crying.


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