Title: watching you watching me
Pairings: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 850
Summary: While on hiatus, Ryan goes to visit Brendon. The condensed version: they're both complete saps.
Disclaimer: I admit it! I made it up! Also: Don't google yourself.
Notes: For quarterturn's birthday. ♥

it's been a long day and it sucks to be in vegas with nothing to do but getting sleep is good, yes, if only i could actually sleep, if only sleeping alone in a bed with no one around to complain wasn't so lonely.

knock knock knock

"Come in!" always so bright, cheerful.

"Hey, Brendon." the lights aren't on anywhere, only the tv and the light from the window. "Is Shane not here?"

"Ryan!" he's only just noticed, wow, must be an intense tv show. "Shane's buying us groceries, as if we're actually going to cook." his leg is bouncing and there's an empty red bull knocked over on the coffee table; he wants me to come sit with him.

this couch has been here for ages, it still smells like an old man's living room; brendon is warm and won't sit still. "What are you watching?" enunciation is overrated, anyway; why am i so tired? brendon's shoulder makes a good pillow and he smells good and he's starting to calm down; i think; i hope.

can't see his smile but i can hear it and since when did spongebob squarepants make him so happy? oh, his favorite episode and something about a lid, something i have to see; brendon's voice has this cadence to it that i could listen to for hours if i was awake but right now it's making sleep sound so inviting.

"No, I'm listening." so tired, why did i come over here? okay, fine, the show; i've seen this episode before. "He's trying to win an award for doing nothing, isn't he?"

"No no no, that's what happens at the end, you gotta watch." right now all i hear is the lid and he is quoting it all; it should be annoying why is it not annoying anymore?

"Hey," his voice is soft and pierces into my thoughts; whoa, i fell asleep, "do you think I'm like Patrick?"

"Stump?" maybe, you both have beautiful voices.

"No, Patrick Star." oh right, the show, okay, what? "You know, he's kind of the village idiot."

too tired to care or - not care, but - I wonder if - no, wait. what was the question? he chooses the worst times to be serious. "You're not an idiot." yawn to split my face in half.

a smile, good, i did something right. "Come on," he says, but that requires getting up; do i have to?

oh, oh. a bed, warm brendon, this is nice. soft pillow, he still smells good.


knock knock knock

"Hey Ryan," shane with a smile, open door, lights are on today. "Brendon's still asleep."


his legs are twisted up in the sheets; i hear, i know the chord i would use to describe this moment. i abandon my shoes and the sheets are as soft as ever, Brendon as warm. he moves and i know he's awake, he always fakes it, one, two, three, four; yeah, impatient as ever. once he has officially wrapped around me he says "hi" into my neck; a kiss of two letters on my skin.

feather soft hair through my fingers as i breathe a "hey" back. the ceiling fan is a nice breeze above, i count his heartbeats and wait; wonder what mood he's in today.

hmmmmmmmm into an obnoxious yawn; my brendon. his eyes in my line of sight again and, "I like that you come to see me."

ah. "Don't be such a sap," and his smile tastes like chapstick.

"But I can't live without you! You had me at hello. You... complete me."

seriously how do i know what movie that's from and how do i know that it's the other way; not normal; earnest eyes; god. "It's all Spongebob and chick flicks with you, isn't it?"

"Whatever turns you on, baby."

"There are so many things wrong with that statement."

comeback? one second, two -- "You're awake today," and a win for me.

"Nothing gets past you." he's not so awake, not yet. it's nice. peaceful.

"Means I'm gonna school you at Guitar Hero later." false.

"We'll see about that." stretch that nearly takes my eye out, there was a time when that was enough to get me off the bed; that time is gone; why i don't know. "I brought you something."

"Presents?" a kid at christmas, always, grabby hands and excitement, par for the course.

and it's stupid, i know it's stupid but it's still so brendon that i had to, i am not self-conscious about this; just give it to him already.

wide eyes oh no, smirking, not what i expected. "I am so not the sap in this relationship."

what. "Uh, yes you are."

"Ryan. You bought me a shirt that says, 'You're a star!' From a kid's TV show. This is even a kids' size, isn't it? Ohmygod I love you."

"I don't see why that makes me a sap." i love you too.

"Mmm, sure. C'mere." he needs to brush his teeth, but it's still a good kiss. and.

and maybe we'll even write some music today.


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