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always an option
Sam/Finn || PG-13 || 2876 words || Posted: 10 Jul 2011
There's a rumor going around that Sam is transferring to another school. Finn has to do something about it before it's too late.

dizzy mess
Sam/Finn | Kurt/Blaine | Brittany/Santana || NC-17 || 23450 words || Posted: 23 Jun 2011
When the glee club takes a trip to the beach shortly after school lets out for the summer, Finn finally starts to acknowledge his feelings for Sam. (Written before the season finale aired, so not compliant with that episode.)

5 times Finn goes to Kurt for advice (and 1 time he doesn't have to)
Sam/Finn || PG-13 || 4651 words || Posted: 09 May 2011
Finn has a lot of learning to do, he just hasn't realized it yet.