Title: Hot Chocolate
Pairings: Remus/Sirius
Rating: PG
Word Count: 597
Summary: Sirius Black had never believed he liked hot chocolate until he met Remus Lupin.
Disclaimer: I admit it! I made it up!
Notes: 2006 Christmas fic for my flist. ♥

Sirius Black had never believed he liked hot chocolate until he met Remus Lupin.

The first time Remus made it for him, he refused to drink it on principle. He didn't like hot drinks and chocolate was preferable in solid form.

The second time, he was forced to drink it. He had just revealed Remus’s secret to the worst possible student in the school, and he felt like he wanted to die. Remus hated him, he was sure of it, and James wouldn't speak to him. He had enforced self-induced banishment to the common room, and was just pulling up a blanket to sleep when a cup floated to the table in front of him. He popped off the couch fast enough to see Remus hurrying back up the stairs. When he realized what was in the cup, he felt extremely guilty. He had no choice. He took a tentative sip. It was sweet, hot, but not enough to make him uncomfortable. The hot chocolate he’d had at home had always been hot enough to numb your tongue, and therefore the taste of chocolate had never been obvious. But Remus… he really knew what he was doing with this stuff.

Sirius refused to ask Remus to make hot chocolate for a while, but Remus always made it for him without asking. He made no comment when Sirius drank it without complaint, and he always made enough for himself and Sirius.

In 6th year, on the night before Christmas, they were alone in the common room. Most of the students had already gone home for the holiday, but the two of them had stayed behind. Remus had made them both hot chocolate, then gone downstairs to read. Sirius couldn't stand being alone in their room, so he stole a Quidditch magazine from James’s trunk and headed downstairs to join Remus.

He had been halfway through an article on broomstick management when Remus interrupted him. “Are you going to finish that?” he asked, indicating Sirius’s mug of hot chocolate.

Sirius snatched it from the table and drank the last few sips in record time.

Remus blinked back at him, clearly surprised. “Well, that wasn't very nice.”

Sirius smirked in response. Leaning across the two armrests that separated them, he whispered in Remus’s face, “I’ll let you smell my breath.”

Sirius could see Remus’s blush clearly, even in the dim lighting. This encouraged him.

Staying inside Remus’s personal space, he added, “Or… was it that you wanted to taste it?” Slowly, giving Remus time to react, he stretched across the two armrests and pressed his lips to Remus’s.

Remus reacted more quickly than Sirius expected. Within seconds, he had parted his lips and Remus’s tongue was in his mouth. The kiss was inexperienced and slow, as if they were savoring every second. When Remus mumbled a pleasant ‘mmm’ into his mouth, Sirius tried to move closer. He quickly discovered that his body didn't stretch that far, so he reluctantly pulled away.

“I…” Sirius began, just a little breathless. “I mean, I knew you liked chocolate, but… wow.”

Remus only blushed and stared down at the armrest.

“I’m gonna go make more,” Sirius stated resolutely, grabbing the two mugs and heading for the stairs.

“No, no!” Remus protested. “You’ll make it all wrong!” He grabbed the mugs from Sirius and hurried past him up the stairs.

Sirius waited for him in the common room, but as soon as the mugs were set down, he distracted Remus from them.

He never had trouble asking for hot chocolate from Remus after that night.


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