Title: Tradition
Pairings: Troy/Chad
Rating: PG
Word Count: 717
Summary: Chad and Troy spend the holidays together.
Disclaimer: I admit it! I made it up!
Notes: For there_was_a_boy, at Christmas. ♥

Finally! The exams were over, and it was time to go home for Christmas break. Troy busted out of the front doors of East High with Chad in tow.

As he drove home, Chad asked him, “So, what did you get Gabby for Christmas?”

Troy’s grip tightened slightly on the steering wheel. “About that. There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“Okay…” Chad said, sounding slightly confused as he jumped between radio stations.

“Gabs and I broke up.”

“Oh no, man, I’m sorry. What happened?” Chad asked as he cut off the radio.

“That’s the thing,” Troy began, keeping his eyes on the road to avoid Chad’s reaction. “We broke up about a month ago. I just haven’t told anyone.”

“A month! Dude, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because… the why is why. Chad…” Troy let out a sigh. “I’m gay.”

Silence. Troy didn’t dare to look at his friend’s expression. “What?” Chad finally asked, laughing slightly.

“I’m not joking, Chad. I’m gay.” He pulled slowly into his driveway. He would have to face Chad soon.

Chad continued his nervous laugh. “Really?”

“Yes, really, Chad,” Troy said angrily. Finally he turned to face his friend.

What he saw surprised and confused him. Chad was smiling.


“Sorry, I’m just… relieved. I mean, I’m…” Chad waved his arms randomly in front of himself. “Y’know… me, too.” At Troy’s skeptical look, Chad added, “I’m gay, too.”

Troy’s eyes widened. “No way.” His heart leapt at the thought. But still, even if Chad was gay, that didn’t mean…

Chad nodded, beaming. “Yeah.” And without further comment on the topic, he bounded out of the car. “Come on, let’s get some 1-on-1 going.”


Chad didn’t bring it up again. Troy wasn’t sure if he was relieved or annoyed. He had expected Chad to avoid him, hate him, or at least be weird for a few days. He didn’t expect such a warm response. But then once he had it, he had hoped that finally he would have someone that he could talk to about it. Unfortunately, Troy was too embarrassed to bring it up, and Chad didn’t make any effort to do so either.

It was Christmas Eve. Chad and Troy had a yearly tradition – every Christmas Eve they went to their community center’s free coffee house to sing and eat as many cookies as they could. Troy watched Chad wolf down a stack of Chips Ahoy and tried not to think. He focused on the carolers and their rendition of “Carol of the Bells.” Soon, however, he found himself completely zoned out. Chad snapped him out of it.

“Hey man, I’m gonna go outside for some fresh air.”

Troy nodded. “Yeah, okay.” He stood there for a minute, then with a small sigh, he headed out to meet his friend.

He found Chad around the corner of the building, standing with his arms crossed and staring into space. “Penny for your thoughts,” Troy said.

Chad jumped slightly, then laughed. “You scared me, man.”

Troy laughed with him, but waited for Chad’s response.

“Well, if you really wanna know…” Troy nodded for him to continue. “I was just thinking,… earlier, when we went in the coffee house? We were standing under mistletoe.”

Troy swallowed audibly, but Chad paid him no attention.

“I mean, I didn’t know what you’d think, but I didn’t want to point it out either because I didn’t want you to freak out in front of everyone. But then the whole time we were in there I kept wondering what you would’ve said, and it’s driving me crazy. I should have just said something while we were there.”

Chad finally stopped for breath. Troy’s stomach was in knots. “Chad? Are you asking me if I would have kissed you?”

Chad ducked his head. “Well,… yeah, I guess so.”

Troy smiled. “Chad, you’re an idiot.” Chad looked up in surprise. Troy closed the distance between them with a few fast steps. He was freezing, and his parents would wander out soon to find out where Chad and Troy had run off to. But as Troy’s lips softly met with Chad’s, he couldn’t help forgetting it all. Seeing that beautiful smile light up Chad’s face as he pulled away, he decided that this was his favorite Christmas tradition.


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