Fluff Trope Fest - Drabbles
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: G to PG-13
Word Count: 345
Notes: Huge thanks to [info]bookshop has the best ideas ever. Also have I mentioned that I love sap? Each title links to the original comment.

1) newsflash
Arthur doesn't say anything, doesn't falter, doesn't acknowledge the room full of people Eames had just been giving a lecture to. He merely walks up to Eames and kisses him full on the mouth, and Eames realizes now what their conversation would have been about had it not devolved into an argument.



2) gentleman
"Are you holding the door for me?"

"I'm trying to be a gentleman about inviting you into our new home."

The corners of Arthur's mouth twitch upward as he steps through the open door. "Just get in here, Eames."


3) distracted
Eames licks his lips absently as he scans over the files Arthur has given him, and Arthur finds himself acting without thinking.

"What was that for?" Eames asks minutes later, his lips swollen from Arthur's aggressive kiss.

"Couldn't resist."


4) one-track mind
"Where do you think you're going?"

"I have a meeting in Cardiff at 10, darling. Back in a few hours."

"But you're wearing a tie."

"Go back to sleep, Arthur. You can express your deep appreciation of ties when I get back."


5) tick tock...
Eames can't stop staring at the clock.

"When I said if you'd let me focus, I'd take you home and fuck you at 5 o'clock, it wasn't an exact time frame," Arthur says petulantly.

"Eight minutes," Eames warns with a twist of his lips.


6) just to love
"We are not watching Moulin Rouge again."

"Sure we are. I brought tissues."

Arthur still doesn't look pleased, but when Eames leans close and says, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn...," Arthur fights a smile and kisses him.


7) neck
NOTE: This one is from thebet!verse.

Eames has a different purpose for every touch of that lovely spot on Arthur's neck.

When he bites down on it gently, he's teasing Arthur. When he bites down harder, he's drawing Arthur out. When he brushes over the skin slowly with his fingers, he's trying to convince Arthur of something. When he nuzzles up to it drowsily in the morning, he’s saying good morning.

When he caresses the spot in a chaste kiss, though, he doesn't have any purpose in mind, but his message comes in loud and clear.


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