Title: IM conversation
Pairings: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 251
Summary: An IM conversation between Clark and Lex, inspired by this icon.
Disclaimer: I admit it! I made it up!

CKENT: i'm bored
LEXXX: come over
CKENT: can't, dad's home
LEXXX: cmon, you're fast
LEXXX: he won't even know you're gone
CKENT: yes he will
CKENT: he's sitting across the room
CKENT: lex...
LEXXX: cmon clark.
LEXXX: remember what we did last night?
LEXXX: i'll start by kissing you, slowly
LEXXX: then let my tongue slide across your chin
LEXXX: down your neck
CKENT: lex.
LEXXX: your collarbone, then down...
LEXXX: ...what?
LEXXX: go upstairs.
CKENT: i can't.
LEXXX: down, all the way down, cause i can't wait any longer...
CKENT: please, stop
LEXXX: then i'll stop, looking at how hard you are for me
LEXXX: waiting for you to beg me to get it over with
LEXXX: begging for your release
LEXXX: god, you're so hard for me, clark
LEXXX: aren't you?
LEXXX: clark?
LEXXX: i'm not gonna stop just because you won't respond
LEXXX: i'll let me tongue slip out, slowly circling the head
LEXXX: making you moan out my name
LEXXX: and then i'll ta;oldkfj

Clark yanked Lex away from his desk, the desk chair screeching against the hardwood floor. In between heated kisses, Lex asked with a smirk, "What did you tell him?"

"'m going to bed early."

"It's 8:30, Clark."

Another rough kiss. "He's a farmer. It happens." Clark pulled on Lex's soft purple shirt. "C'mon. Upstairs. You'd better meet the expectations of your IMs."

Lex smirked. Buying Clark that laptop was the best idea he ever had.


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