Title: Kneel for Chocolate
Pairings: Tom/Michael
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2979
Summary: Zod, chocolate, tickling.
Disclaimer: I admit it! I made it up!
Notes: For nehellania's birthday. Thanks to mconnor for the beta work! ♥

They had been planning the joke ever since they first read the script.

“Oh my god, Tom,” Michael had elbowed him in the side, then pointed. “I’m gonna be Zod!”

Tom had laughed at him. “You’re such a geek, Mike.”

He waggled his eyebrows a few times at Tom. “Maybe so, but do you know what this means? Don’t you know the whole history of Zod?”

“I have a feeling it’s not quite as epic as you make it sound.”

Michael glared at him, but his annoyance didn’t stop him from telling all he knew.

That had been a week ago.

The past week had gone toward perfecting their plan, and Tom practiced his part in secret. When Michael jokingly asked if Tom had been practicing, Tom would laugh and say, “Oh yeah, three times a day, in front of the mirror.” Michael didn’t realize, of course, that this was true, or almost. Tom didn’t clarify.

Today was the day. Tom didn’t know why he was so nervous.

For Tom, acting wasn’t about playing a role. It was about literally becoming the character, knowing all his wants and needs and acting based on his motivations.

Sometimes, when he was overwhelmed with his own thoughts, he couldn’t quite make himself be Clark Kent. Most of the time, though, Clark was enough of a bumbling, unsure, typical guy that it didn’t matter so much.

He immersed himself in the mental preparation Michael often made fun of, even though he suspected that Michael did the same thing. Clark had just discovered that the only way to save the world was to kill Lex, his former best friend whom he no longer trusted. Clark will not kill, not on purpose, even to save the world. Lex’s powers have changed him, so this will confuse Clark. Tom tried to focus on these details and forget about his and Michael’s scheme, at least for now.

It was going to be a long day.


Michael kept doing this thing with his voice. Tom was pretty sure he was being slowly hypnotized by the slightly deeper tone that Michael possessed. It was making his role hard to focus on. And coming up was their epic scheme, the prank that would headline the gag reel and satisfy Michael’s geek fulfillment for the season. He really wished he could focus. Michael would kill him if he screwed this up.

That was, of course, if no one killed him for screwing up his lines first.

They were approaching the line, the cue where Tom would have to change roles. He only had one more line, and no one even suspected what they were up to.

“No,” Michael-Lex-Zod said in that deep, whispered voice. “But you feel no pain greater than to see others in agony.”

Still Clark, Tom reminded himself. “I won’t let you destroy this planet like you did Krypton.” He had made his way to stand right before Michael, as the direction called for.

Michael inched forward. “You don’t have a choice.”

Suddenly, in his mind, Tom was no longer Clark Kent, former best friend of Lex Luthor, as Zod or otherwise. He was now a lesser person, a minion, a sex slave, something in the back of his mind whispered, to Zod, and he must act accordingly.

Michael straightened, then took on a confident, powerful air. “Kneel before Zod!” he commanded.

Tom dropped to his knees dramatically, without hesitation. It almost didn’t hurt; his practice made him used to it by now. He let his arms fall to his sides, palms up. Then, slowly, lips parted, he slid his gaze from Zod’s feet to his thighs to his stomach to his chest to his face. He let out a shuddering breath. In the back of his mind, he knew he had played the role of sex slave/minion flawlessly. Michael, Zod, looked down at him with triumph, though his eyes were clouded with what Tom identified as lust. Maybe Michael had thought of his role as sex slave, too.

The laughter, as if it was waiting to make sure they were done, erupted suddenly from the crew. Tom stayed in his position, and Michael kept staring at him with that same expression. One… two… Then, like a switch had been flipped, Zod became Michael again, laughing in his victory. He smiled and held a hand out to Tom, which he gratefully accepted. His knees stung a bit, but it had been worth it. A flawless performance, and Michael was ecstatic.

They had to start over from Lex is now Zod, but Tom didn’t feel remorse over the fact. Part of him wanted to film this scene forever.

“You have your father’s eyes.” Michael stated. Then, something flashed in his eyes with which Tom was all too familiar. Michael was about to deviate. “This scene could be so gay.”

“I know,” Tom replied, taking it in stride. “Let’s sell it.”

His heart sped up a bit. He leaned forward, intending to brush his lips over Michael’s; then, there would be more laughter, and a few seconds later, they would start over. This plan did not account for Michael also leaning forward and kissing him with a little more force. He reached out to place his hands on Michael’s sides for support, simultaneously feeling Michael’s tongue slide along his bottom lip. Then suddenly, Michael tensed just enough for Tom to notice. Tom moved his hands away just slightly so that Michael would understand, and they pulled back with laughter on their tongues at the same moment.

Their audience hesitated a moment, then laughed in response. Tom thought maybe they were faking it this time. They had probably realized that he and Michael weren’t faking it that time.

God. Was today over yet?


An hour later, Tom trudged back to his trailer without looking anyone in the eye.

“Nothing like going out with a bang,” Michael had told him while they were planning the whole Kneel-before-Zod thing. They certainly had achieved that much. Tom hoped beyond all else that their second display wouldn’t wind up on the gag reel. Luckily, that event was highly unlikely.

As predicted, Michael knocked on the door of his trailer within ten minutes.

Tom tried to make his expression blank before opening the door.

Michael was smirking up at him. “Hey, Hotlips.” He pushed his way into Tom’s trailer before Tom could gape at him. Tom rolled his eyes and closed the door. He should be used to Michael after all these years.

Michael was rummaging through Tom’s stuff. Tom just blinked at him and asked casually, “Can I help you?”

“Ah ha!” Michael cried triumphantly.

“Hey! Those are mine!” Tom protested weakly. It was too late. Michael had already torn open one of his Hershey bars and was swallowing a bite as if heaven had just shown up all at once. Michael licked his lips slowly. Tom couldn’t remember what he was going to say.

Michael suddenly glared at Tom. “I knew you tasted like chocolate!” he lectured, waving the candy bar in Tom’s direction. “You’ve been holding out on me!”

“What are-- I just-- are you kidding?”

From the way Michael was cherishing every bite, Tom decided he wasn’t.

“If you’d have just said something, I’d have given you chocolate.”

Michael took another bite, then slowly made his way over to Tom. “What if I wanted flowers?”

Tom blinked down at Michael. He was fairly sure Michael was joking, but if he wasn’t?

“And what if sometimes,” Michael placed his empty hand, palm down, on Tom’s chest. After a few seconds, he gathered the cloth of Tom’s shirt into his fist and tugged. He was face to face with Tom. “What if sometimes I just want to hear an ‘I love you’?” His tone was completely serious. Tom couldn’t see how he did that.

The laughter started to escape, though, when Michael continued. He let go of Tom and threw his arms out dramatically. “I spend hours slaving over a hot stove, and this is the thanks I get? You hide the chocolate? What kind of wife does that make me?!”

Tom was laughing uncontrollably now. He dropped onto his couch to watch Michael’s escapade.

Michael stomped over to him. He crossed his arms and began tapping his foot, staring down at Tom. “Well!?”

Tom gestured to the cushion beside him, which Michael obligingly sat on, still staring at him expectantly.

Tom leaned in slowly, entering Michael’s personal space, then getting closer to his face. He waited until uncertainty entered Michael’s gaze, then… grabbed the candy bar and quickly held it far away from Michael.

Michael looked shocked for a second, then with a smile, “Oh no, you did not just take that from me!”

Michael pounced on him, reaching wildly for the chocolate. Tom’s arms were longer.

Michael seemed to form a new plan. He reached down to Tom’s sides, then began to tickle him.

Tom jumped at the touch and tried to wriggle away from Michael. Michael, now encouraged, worked his way up from Tom’s stomach.

“Oh god,” Tom said between giggles. “Stop, stop!”

When Tom finally dropped the candy bar and reached up to tear Michael’s hands away, Michael was above him, almost face-to-face. Michael didn’t go for the chocolate. Neither did Tom.

Their laughter died away at the same time. They held each other’s gaze.

Tom idly wondered if he had locked the door.

Michael made the first move. He dipped his head down, impossibly close, and waited for confirmation.

Tom gave it. He let go of Michael’s hands and pulled him the rest of the way down. Their lips collided. The kisses were sloppy and tasted of chocolate.

Tom slid his tongue out into the kiss. Michael’s lips parted invitingly. Just as Tom began to savor the taste of fresh chocolate and Michael, there was a sharp knock on the door.

Michael pulled back, quick as a gunshot, and they stared wide-eyed at each other.

“You guys in there? Let us in!” Allison yelled from the other side of the door.

“We heard what happened!” Kristen yelled from the same direction.

Tom realized he should probably stand up. But Michael was weighing him down, and he couldn’t quite move.

One of the girls pounded on the door again.

“Wait, Kristen.” Allison said loudly. “Maybe we’re… interrupting something.”

They both giggled obnoxiously. “Hey, if you guys need some time alone, just say the word!” Kristen yelled between giggles.

Michael easily scrambled off of Tom during Allison’s suggestion. They were both standing nonchalantly when Michael opened the door.

They giggled back at him for a second. “The word,” Michael stated, then went to close the door.

Tom quickly grabbed the door from his grasp and shoved him out of the way. He smiled down at his friends. “What can I do for you ladies?”

While Kristen giggled, Allison brightly said, “We want details!”

Tom rolled his eyes. “What kind of details? I don’t even remember—”

“He tasted like chocolate,” Michael stated bluntly around a mouthful of the substance of topic.

Both girls looked surprised. Clearly they’d expected a different answer.

Tom moved out of the doorway to let them in. He hadn’t yet decided if theirs was a welcome interruption or not.

Later, when he and Michael were seated close together on the couch, recounting their jokes, he concluded that it wasn’t.


“God, I thought they’d never leave,” Michael said as he locked the door.

Tom’s stomach did several somersaults. What was going to happen now?

Michael turned to face him. “I was afraid they were going to get into our chocolate stash!” He rushed over to grab another candy bar.

Our chocolate stash!?” Tom shouted indignantly, pushing down a laugh. He found the box and pushed it back to its original hiding place. “You know, you keep eating those, and you’re gonna get fat.”

Michael uncertainly swallowed the bite in his mouth.

“Yep, fat. And I’ll be forced to leave you for someone younger and skinnier.” Tom smoothly slid onto the couch, smirking at Michael.

Michael wiped the smirk off his face when he pounced on him. “I’ll show you skinnier!” Michael growled, tickling Tom fiercely. “I just have to exercise!”

“Ow, ow, stop!” Tom cried, laughing uncontrollably. He tried to push Michael’s hands away, but it was no use.

He used the only diversion he had. Supporting himself on his elbows, he leaned in and pressed his lips to Michael’s.

Michael had obviously anticipated this. He responded instantly, tongue and all, pushing Tom back onto the couch. The only sounds that filled the trailer for the next few minutes were the occasional gasp or mmm.

Tom swept his tongue against Michael’s in a way that made Michael moan softly into his mouth. This was followed Tom’s breath catching when Michael brushed a hand over the bulge in his jeans.

Michael sat up slightly to gauge Tom’s reaction. They stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. Then, in one fluid motion, they sat upright.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Tom asked, pausing with his hand on Michael’s shirt.

Michael smirked back at him. Leaning closer until his lips almost touched Tom’s, he whispered, “Shouldn’t I be asking you that question?”

Tom’s laugh bounced off of Michael’s lips and onto his own. “Okay,” he responded, then pressed his lips onto Michael’s again.

He pulled Michael’s shirt off first, then let Michael do the same for him. Michael immediately lowered his head to nip Tom’s collarbone. Tom moaned in response and quickly snapped open the button on his jeans. Continuing to lick along Tom’s collarbone, up to his neck, Michael reached down to undo his own jeans. As their lips met, Tom’s hands found the top of Michael’s jeans and pushed the fabric down.

Tom pulled back. He pushed Michael’s knees apart and knelt on the floor between them. He pulled Michael’s jeans and boxers the rest of the way off, until Michael was staring down at him wildly, completely naked and very much aroused.

Tom stared up at Michael intently. “Can I?”

Yes.” It was then that Tom realized why Michael’s Zod voice had him so hot and bothered. It was the same as his sex voice.

Tom began by running his tongue along the underside of Michael’s erection. Encouraged by the unrestrained moan from Michael, he circled his lips around the head of Michael’s cock.

God, Tom,” Michael rasped, trying not to arch too far into the touch.

Tom slid his mouth as far as he dared down the shaft, then slowly edged back up. Michael’s writhing was promising, so he did the same thing again, letting his tongue roam over Michael’s erection and savoring the taste. Michael’s hands found his hair and held on tightly. Tom found a rhythm and let his mouth slide up and down Michael’s cock at a faster pace.

“Oh, god, Tom, oh, you have to stop.” Michael was pulling his head back to emphasize the point.

Michael made a low whimpering sound when Tom pulled off. Tom understood. He moved from his place on the floor to his former position on the couch and wrapped his hand around Michael’s erection. He pumped his fist up and down fast and hard.

“Oh, Tom, wanted you so much, Tom!” Michael shouted out his name as he arched up into Tom’s fist and came.

After recovering for a few minutes, Michael reached for Tom’s jeans.

“Wait,” Tom directed. Michael looked up with surprise. “You said… ‘wanted you so much.’”

Michael nodded.

Tom’s eyes were half-lidded. He whispered, “Tell me.”

“Well, as you are aware, we’ve flirted with each other since season one.”

“Before, even,” Tom agreed.

Michael slid his hand over Tom’s cock: a rough, intoxicating touch. Tom gasped.

“You’re hot. I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it.” His hand slid up and down Tom’s erection slowly and smoothly, matching up with the fluidity of his words. “But I’ve always taken in the details. Your hands, your jaw, and god, definitely your lips. I’ve gotta admit… today wasn’t the first day I pictured those lips around my cock.”

Tom bucked up into Michael’s fist when he heard that remark. The resulting friction felt so phenomenal that Tom continued to thrust his hips out toward Michael’s touch.

“And then today, god, I had no idea how you were gonna do the kneeling thing. I hadn’t even thought about the way you did it, but it was perfect. When you dropped to your knees like that, in my head,…” Michael swallowed thickly, pumping harder. “you were desperate with need. You wanted to suck me off now.”

Tom cried out and pushed harder into Michael’s hand. He brought his hand over Michael’s and encouraged him to go faster, harder.

“I knew you didn’t plan for me to kiss you, but that whole thing was still fresh in my mind. All I could think was that I needed to know what you tasted like.” He tightened his fist. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, but I have no regrets.”

Tom was silent when he came, head thrown back and a moan trapped somewhere in his throat.

“God,” Michael whispered reverently. “You’re even more beautiful when you come.”

Tom put one hand on either side of Michael’s face and kissed him fiercely.

When the kiss ended, Tom jumped up and headed for the back of the trailer.

“Where are you going?” Michael asked with a pout.

Tom turned around and smiled at him. “To get cleaned up. Here.” He threw a candy bar at Michael.

“What is this, my reward?”

Tom shrugged. “I don’t have any flowers.”

Michael smirked in return. “And what about an ‘I love you’?”

Tom laughed, then winked at him before turning back around. “Maybe later.”


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