Title: Cookies
Pairings: Watanuki/Doumeki
Rating: G
Word Count: 875
Summary: Watanuki and Doumeki exchange gifts at Christmas.
Disclaimer: I admit it! I made it up!
Notes: 2006 Christmas drabble for my flist. ♥

Watanuki pounded on the door a third time, grumbling when there was no immediate response. Just as he turned to walk away, the door opened behind him.

“Oi,” Doumeki said to him.

My name is not “oi!” Watanuki thought, gritting his teeth. Deciding he would be merciful this once, he turned without screaming at Doumeki. He handed the taller boy a festive tin. “Merry Christmas,” he spoke, trying not to grumble.

Doumeki popped open the lid to reveal the cookies inside. He selected one and immediately began to eat it.

“Not even a response?!” Watanuki shouted, unable to help himself.

“Thank you,” Doumeki replied as soon as he had swallowed his bite. Even though his expression was emotionless as always, Watanuki thought that his reply had sounded… sad.

“What’s wrong? You didn't get me anything?” he added with a light laugh.

“Come in,” Doumeki stated, moving back from the doorway.

“Do you never answer questions?” Watanuki mumbled under his breath as he entered.

“Stay here.” Doumeki disappeared for a minute, returning with a wrapped present in his hands. He handed it to Watanuki without explanation.

Watanuki tore into the wrapping – one of his favorite parts about Christmas gifts – and gasped when he saw the tin. He quickly removed the lid. Christmas cookies. He couldn't help laughing. He looked up at Doumeki to comment on the bizarre same-gift-exchange, but a thought struck him, cutting off all laughter.

“Did you… did you make these?” Watanuki asked with wonder, holding one up to examine it.

“They’re not as good as yours.”

“No one’s cooked anything for me since…” My parents went unspoken, but he knew that Doumeki would understand.

He picked one off the top and tasted it. True, the cookies Watanuki had made tasted better, but he had to appreciate these cookies more. Doumeki was always willing to help him, even with all the things Watanuki would say to him. And now he had baked for him…

“Are you crying?” Doumeki said, peering down at him.

“N-no!” Watanuki protested, flailing his arms just a little bit. “If I am, it’s just ‘cause of the overdose of sugar in these things. Can you even read a recipe?”

Doumeki plugged his ears as Watanuki continued his rant. The side of his mouth turned upwards in a slight smirk. Watanuki didn't miss it.

“What are you smirking at?! A guy that doesn't show expression once in his entire life, and now you smirk at me. What the hell is it that could break that stone face?”

“You’re lying.”

In the back of Watanuki’s mind, he realized Doumeki had actually answered his question. “Eh?”

“My cookies aren’t that bad. If you had thought so, you wouldn't have said anything. You’re too nice for that.”

“How do you know that?” Watanuki argued, crossing his arms, but his heart wasn't in it.

“And you were crying.” Doumeki stepped toward him. “You still have a tear stain.” And then, without warning (or so Watanuki believed), Doumeki gently brushed away the wet streak on Watanuki’s face.

“Well…” Watanuki began, at a loss. The blush on his face wouldn't go away. “D-don't let it go to your head.” Doumeki’s hand lingered close to his face. When Watanuki glanced at it, Doumeki moved it to the side of Watanuki’s face. Watanuki couldn't help the catch of his breath in his throat, or the way his eyes widened immensely.

Doumeki leaned toward Watanuki, pausing mere inches in front of him to whisper, “Urusai.”

Watanuki waited, lips parted, for Doumeki to close the gap. It didn't happen. He realized that now was his chance to come to his senses and back away, flailing and screaming. He didn't want to.

Instead, before he could talk himself out of it, Watanuki leaned forward and brushed his lips against Doumeki’s. He stayed like that, completely still, not sure what to do next, afraid of doing the wrong thing, feeling utterly helpless. And then Doumeki started kissing him back.

Doumeki was gentler than he would’ve expected (not that he’d thought about this before, because he most certainly hadn’t). He had pulled away long enough to take the cookie tin from Watanuki, replace the lid, and set it aside. That had been enough time for Watanuki to start mentally freaking out about where this was headed.

When Doumeki returned, Watanuki went to kiss him again. Instead, Doumeki maneuvered him into a hug. When they kissed again, it was slow and sweet, and Watanuki was surprised at how calm he felt.

A few minutes later, Watanuki informed Doumeki, “I should be getting back to Yuuko’s shop.”


“I’m not actually off work until later tonight. The original batch of cookies were for her,” he admitted, staring at the floor in embarrassment.

Doumeki placed a hand under his chin and lifted it. “You can make it up to me,” he teased with that same smirk.

Watanuki batted his hand away and murmured something about perverts. Still, Doumeki had kissed him again and promised to see him tomorrow.

It was only because of this that he endured Yuuko’s knowing smiles and her teasing banter with Mokona. And if he forgot to put the alcohol in her eggnog, then it was just because he was distracted.


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