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close your eyes, replay these days (Inception/(500) Days of Summer crossover)
Arthur/Eames || NC-17 || 21188 words || Posted: 31 Dec 2010
(500) Days of Summer crossover of sorts. This is a story of self-discovery, of running from love and of waking up. But you should know up front: this is a love story.

How I Met Your Forger: The Wingman Edition (Inception/How I Met Your Mother crossover)
Arthur/Eames || PG-13 || 2940 words || Posted: 27 Oct 2010
Barney reveals his big secret: what he actually does for a living. But mostly he just tells his awesome wingman story.

Hiss (Bandom/Harry Potter crossover)
Gabe/William || PG-13 || 1192 words || Posted: 24 Sep 2010
Gabe is a Parselmouth.

Pairings from icons
various pairings || PG at most || 4396 words altogether || Posted: 20 Jun 2007
There was a meme where you list everyone that appears in your LJ icons alphabetically, and then pair them up in order. I took it a step further and wrote cracktastic stories for the pairings.

When KOKs Go Bad (Smallville/Sorority Boys crossover)
Adina/Clark | Adam/Clark || NC-17 || 3431 words || Posted: 15 Jun 2006
Adam tries something new!