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Hiss (Bandom/Harry Potter crossover)
Gabe/William || PG-13 || 1192 words || Posted: 24 Sep 2010
Gabe is a Parselmouth.

put a smile on your face
Alex Greenwald/Greta Salpeter | Brendon/Ryan || PG-13 || 16195 words || Posted: 21 Aug 2009
AU. Greta is fairly content with her life in Chicago, working in the park, meeting new people as often as possible and hanging out with her best friends, Bob and Max. But things start to change when she plays a part in Razia's Shadow: A Musical and discovers just how much she wants and loves to perform. Meanwhile, she's been receiving all these random letters and gifts from a complete stranger who leaves his name only as "A".

God Only Knows
Jon/Spencer | Brendon/Ryan || PG-13 || 8977 words || Posted: 01 Apr 2009
Spencer has been Catholic his entire life. In the days leading up to Ash Wednesday, he ponders his recent breakup and consequently decides to give up guys for Lent. A few days later, he meets Jon Walker.

caution: contents may be hot
Sean/RyanJ | Alex/Greta | others || PG-13 || 11361 words || Posted: 12 Feb 2009
Coffee shop AU. RyanJ works at Joe's Coffee Shop during the day and takes classes at night, and sometime in between he finds himself falling for his coworker.

now it's getting closer, i can't wait
Sean/RyanJ || PG || 838 words || Posted: 25 Dec 2008
Ryan comes over to watch a Christmas movie.

love is a warm bed
Gabe/William || PG || 275 words || Posted: 25 Dec 2008
After a long stint of not being able to talk, Gabe needs a break.

long winter's nap
Pete/Patrick || NC-17 || 1180 words || Posted: 25 Dec 2008
Ashlee goes out for the day to let Patrick and Pete have some time together.

Christmas haikus
various pairings || G || 118 words || Posted: 20 Dec 2008
10 quick bandom haikus for the holiday season.

an eye for an eye, guitarist for guitarist
Mike/Michael || NC-17 || 2789 words || Posted: 05 Nov 2008
A continuation of TAI TV 3.22. This won't make any sense if you haven't seen that.

watching you watching me
Brendon/Ryan || PG || 850 words || Posted: 01 Oct 2008
While on hiatus, Ryan goes to visit Brendon. The condensed version: they're both complete saps.

the curious incident of gabe in the night-time
Gabe/William || NC-17 || 2205 words || Posted: 29 Aug 2008
The five times Gabe Saporta has found himself awake at five in the morning.

you gotta have two and they've gotta match
Brendon/Ryan || PG || 2637 words || Posted: 30 Jul 2008
AU with no bands, just people. Brendon goes shopping for new socks.

i'd play along
Mike/Michael || NC-17 || 893 words || Posted: 30 Jul 2008
For Porn Battle VI, prompt was play.

dedicated follower of fashion
Pete/Mikey || NC-17 || 1325 words || Posted: 02 Jul 2008
Set during Warped '05. Pete never lets Mikey get anything done.

thumb wars
Gabe/William || PG-13 || 1345 words || Posted: 21 Jun 2008
Gabe is too distracting for William's own good.